Listening Ears is a charity organisation established to address the increasing rate of depression arising from issues surrounding pain, grief, distress and isolation.

Findings have shown that unattended cases such as stated above degenerates into serious depression, and sometimes mental health challenges and even suicide. This in turn has a negative effect on the social, physical and mental health of families and communities.

Listening Ears believes in the old saying that “any burden or problem shared becomes a problem half-solved”. This forms the foundation for our principal service, “Lending An Ear” in a non-judgemental but compassionate environment and giving support to an individual who has a burden to share.

We are committed to tackling isolation in the community. Find out more about what we do and how we work.

Mission Statement

Listening Ears is committed to reducing loneliness, isolation and depression, by providing emotional and lifestyle support with empowerment to our service users to achieve an improved health and enhanced quality of life. We listen with a non-judgemental approach, identify challenges and motivate change to achieve the ultimate goal of total well-being.

Publications and Awards

Winner: Best Community Based Business award Feburary 2008
Runner up: Thames Gateway Business Awards November 2008
Finalist: London Health Commission Awards 2010 (Partnership Achievement)
Greenwich Meridian April 2008
Greenwich Times March 2008
Greenwich News Shopper March 2008
Greenwich Mecury Feburary 2008
Eynsham News December 2007
South London Press November 2007