What We Do

Listening Ears is a charity organisation established to address the increasing rate of depression arising from issues surrounding pain, grief, distress and isolation.

Findings have shown that unattended cases such as stated above degenerates into serious depression, and sometimes mental health challenges and even suicide. This in turn has a negative effect on the social, physical and mental health of families and communities.

Listening Ears believes in the old saying that “any burden or problem shared becomes a problem half-solved”. This forms the foundation for our principal service, “Lending An Ear” in a non-judgmental but compassionate environment and giving support to an individual who has a burden to share.

We provide community based emotional and lifestyle support services targeted at those who have become lonely or isolated as a result of separation or divorce, death of spouse or other types of grief, and those who are socially disadvantaged. This also includes the elderly and those facing health or other challenges.

We enlighten, support and empower our clients to take very small steps of change in order to achieve a big difference in their quality of life and total well being. We have a range of approaches to working with clients.

We run weekly drop-in sessions where people are free and welcome to come and talk to us about the issues they have and we provide a space where they can be listened to with a non-judgmental approach.

Challenges can be shared and we work with clients to help them develop solutions to meet their needs. We do not promise to have complete solutions to all the issues people may face, however we have very rich resource base and good links to key partners within the local area so that we can signpost clients to appropriate professional support and guidance where necessary.

We aim to work with clients to ensure that they can find through our support in conjunction with other agencies, solutions and help to address their issues on a long-term basis. We offer an opportunity and environment for them to make new friends and have a chance to share and enjoy the company of others. This will go a long way in bringing healing to their emotions and provide the human touch that their situations require.

In addition, we provide mentoring, training and workshops covering a range of areas such as confidence building and personal development, healthy eating and nutrition and weight management.

Our range of interactive group and activity sessions at our weekly drop in centre has a fully accessible entrance for wheelchair and pushchair users. All services are free and are open to all. Click here to see us in action!

Mission Statement

Listening Ears is committed to reducing loneliness, isolation and depression, by providing emotional and lifestyle support with empowerment to our service users to achieve an improved health and enhanced quality of life. We listen with a non-judgemental approach, identify challenges and motivate change to achieve the ultimate goal of total well-being.

Publications and Awards

Winner: Best Community Based Business award Feburary 2008
Runner up: Thames Gateway Business Awards November 2008
Finalist: London Health Commission Awards 2010 (Partnership Achievement)
Greenwich Meridian April 2008
Greenwich Times March 2008
Greenwich News Shopper March 2008
Greenwich Mecury Feburary 2008
Eynsham News December 2007
South London Press November 2007