Support our Crowdfunding Campaign

As the days grow shorter and the chill of winter approaches, the need for compassion and support becomes ever more pressing. At Listening Ears, our mission has always been clear: to combat loneliness and isolation in our community. With 17 years of dedicated service in Greenwich, across our various projects, we’ve supported over 3,000 people aged between 5 and 99, helping them lead healthier, happier lives.
Our flagship initiative, the Feel Good Centre, stands as a meeting place for those aged 55 and above, offering a haven of warmth, interaction, and togetherness. However, as the demand for our services grows, so does the challenge of reaching those who are immobile and isolated in their homes.
Our solution lies in our cherished minibus, a lifeline for many. Donated by the Annington Group in 2019, this 16-seater accessible minibus has been the bridge between homebound individuals and the Feel Good Centre. But to keep it moving – to keep the wheels of companionship and care turning – we need your help.
We are embarking on a crucial fundraising campaign, seeking to raise £2,000. This amount will not only ensure the minibus remains operational, shuttling passengers to our centre, but it will also enable us to extend our outreach. With your support, we can bring our services directly to the doorsteps of those who need it the most.
Moreover, your contributions will rejuvenate our food bank service. Currently, limited to a collection-only basis, the minibus will allow us to deliver essential provisions to high-priority pensioners and other vulnerable members of our community, who, due to various challenges, cannot make the journey to us.
Your generosity will not only provide fuel and cover maintenance costs but also fuel the spirits of those who might otherwise feel forgotten. Every pound you contribute will echo with the laughter of newfound friendships and the warmth of companionship.
Thank you for standing with us in this endeavour. Your kindness is the driving force behind our mission, and it is through your support that we can continue spreading love, hope, and connection.
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