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COVID-19 update

As the impacts of COVID-19 (coronavirus) escalates, fear and uncertainty has gripped the world and more than ever before, the most vulnerable within our communities require support. Here at Listening Ears we are doing our best to keep services running however new measures are in place to protect the health and well-being of our staff, facilitators, volunteers and service users.


From Monday 16th March, Wednesday and Friday weekly sessions will be suspended until further notice. Whilst our doors may be closed, our work behind the scenes will continue. In the coming weeks, we will do our best to deliver remote support through our online channels and telephone helpline.


From Monday 16th March, volunteer visits will be suspended until further notice. New referrals will be accepted for processing and action at a later date, as the crisis resolves.


Food bank collections are currently rationed mirroring the increasing demand for food stock nationwide. Donations to new service users are currently suspended while supplies will be rationed to known beneficiaries. As the crisis escalates to critical levels in the coming months, our supply will be provided to our service users who are immobile, frail or elderly who urgently require food supplies.

The latest information regarding this situation and how it affects our services will be made available on our health and safety policy page


From Monday 16th March, all after-school workshops will be suspended until further notice. In the coming weeks, the centre will remain open for administrative purposes during our normal opening hours. In the event of a nationwide shut down, an extended closure might be put into place from 1st April 2020. In the meantime, our telephone lines, email and referral systems will continue to operate.

Please note that the centre may be subject to closure in the following days or weeks should the government announce restrictions to movement. The centre may also be closed at short notice should any health and safety concerns emerge in relation to COVID-19.

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