There are lots of ways you can support Listening Ears by volunteering.
You could be required to do one or more of the following:

Attend to clients at our walk-in-centres or supervise at events
Represent Listening Ears at exhibitions and events
Offer support to our service users e.g. IT support
Apply your educational or interpersonal skills to our projects
Be a volunteer telephone operator

Volunteer Applications: Request application form

Do you have a heart for helping people who are lonely, hurting or in distress? Our core services include providing emotional and lifestyle support services. We are particularly community focused, striving to enlighten, support and empower members of the local community to improve their health and quality of life, and achieve total well-being.

If you can volunteer a little of your time, from as little as 2 hours a week, Listening Ears would love to welcome you into our team. This role would be ideal for a volunteer seeking long term position and is willing to commit to at least 3 months. From events to projects, fitness, lifestyle and health, there are a range of areas you can be involved.

If you would like to support Listening Ears by volunteering please contact us to discuss available opportunities or complete the volunteer application form online