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Feel Good Fridays: A space for friendship and fun for over 50s and the elderly

Feel Good Friday offers drop in opportunity for local community members to interact and make new friends, have a chat and a laugh over tea and coffee. We work in partnership with other organisations and service providers including the Healthy Living Service of the Greenwich Council as well as the Advocacy for Older People in Greenwich.

We feature a range of different activities designed to increase community cohesion, reduce isolation, overcome depression and improve the quality of life and total well-being of our clients.

Come along and Make Friends & Play Games, enjoy Free Yoga Sessions,  Cookery Sessions Free Massage & Reflexology as well as  Free Health Checks with experienced Health Trainers.

Listening Ears is a UK charity – Registration no 1145028 providing Emotional, Health & Lifestyle support services. We share the burden and with empathy and non-judgmental approach, we hold the hands of our clients, and achieve positive solutions. We also have a track record of supporting our clients to achieve remarkable improvement in their mental health and total well-being across our community.

We offer  other services which include

Community Angels 

We reach out to members of our community to offer companionship to those who are isolated and lonely either by reason of old age, loss of spouse, health challenges or any other reason. With the help and assistance of our committed volunteers, we  provide companionship, emotional and lifestyle support for them and encourage them to develop interactive skills which will eventually improve their health and they gradually build their social skills and overcome their isolation. We will also provide practical helping hand in little areas of life where they need support to enhance their quality of life and add value to their existence.  To know more, please visit our Community Angels website

RoseBud is an interactive & practical support & empowerment programme for Young Girls between the ages of 11-19. Our aim is to nurture  them in readiness for Womanhood, hold their hands and watch them blossom into well-rounded women. We provide an atmosphere where girls can be open about their feelings, accepted for who they are, without being judged, and supported to become who they want to become. To achieve our aims, we organize workshops and training in different areas to enable them become well-rounded women.


We also provide opportunities for Vocational skills training; Support and Mentoring programmes; Healthy Eating & Weight Management training; Jewellery Making; Confidence Building & Personal Development; Creative Writing; Marketing Me; Interview & Employability skills; Hair & Beauty Therapy. For more information, please visit  website

Steps 2 Living

Listening Ears is committed to supporting our clients of all ages to achieve improved health and total well being.  We encourage our clients to take a critical look at their health & lifestyle and identify the areas they need to make some changes. We thereafter provide training  and support and also empower them to take small steps of change and within a  short time, they achieve a big difference in every area of their health. We also run physical exercise classes (Zumba Dance) which enables them to have fun while they achieve healthy weight. To find out more, please visit our website on Healthy lifestyle



To know more about our organisation, visit the main website  Listening Ears